Soil Surface

Every guest who climbs the broad steps of the Pociejai mansion gives tribute to the soil. That is the essence and goal of Senatorių Pasažas project, reflected in the creative collaboration with artist Eglė Pilkauskaitė. This impressive sculpture is a surface of the soil.


Earth is the essence of everything.

It is our beginning and our end.

It is our bread.

Eglė Pilkauskaitė, author of the sculpture

The restaurant is a theatre

Your gastronomic experience starts from the moment you enter our home. As you slowly make a complete circle around the Soil Surface, you have a chance to see what she, our Earth, looks like. The sculpture sits in the most honourable place in the mansion. It represents the beginning of all of our stories that will continue at your table. 

Soil is where traditions start. 


The Soil Surface is a direct casting of the Earth. It is a creative solution to bring the country closer to the city by artist Eglė Pilkauskaitė. The stamp of soil texture on plaster offers an exploration of the human relationship with nature.

Eglė Pilkauskaitė

Eglė Pilkauskaitė

Visual artist

Eglė Pilkauskaitė is a mixed media artist exploring cenceptual themes, such as ruins, displacement, natures relationship with humans and new materialism.

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