Working hours:

 II – VI 07:30 – 17:00

We hope that the dangling smell of freshly baked bread will entice you to come to Grudas and to start your day with freshly baked pastries. These will be the best days, you’ll see.

Here, at Grudas bakery, the identity and culinary creations are born from its dedicated team – pastry chefs Andzej, Asta and Jurga. The baking experience gained over many years allows them to improve this art by experimenting continuously.

As in the whole Senatoriu pasazas, seasonality is one of the key elements here as well – the variations of berries and fruits in desserts depend on the harvest on our farm Farmers circle also, a part of flour that we use for baking comes from there as well.

Visit us for your daily bread, Danish desserts and cakes.

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