Eglė Pilkauskaitė is a mixed media artist exploring cenceptual themes, such as ruins, displacement and new materialism. Her recent creative collaboration on the theme of roots, Anamnesis, can be seen in the courtyard of Senatorių pasažas.


Photo: Miglė Kirklytė

Home base?


Three things that inspire you?

People, books and work. Best inspiration comes from doing things, not just thinking of them.

If money was no object – which art piece would buy?

Roden Crater by James Turrell

What places spark your curiosity?

Any place where real life happens. For example, Naujininkai in Vilnius. It’s a testament to human activity: flower beds and micro gardens being cultivated in the urban jungle.

What foods do you like?

For me, the story is everything. The journey of ingredients, the relationship of humans and soil is an amazing theme for imagination and exploration.


What is the vision behind the monumental piece, Anamnesis?

I delved into the exploration of roots. In English, the word rooted has a beautiful meaning – something that has a deep connection to the past. I see it as a transformation from old to new. In nature, roots are the basis of everything that grows.


Roots represent two conflicting worlds – the world of darkness and the world of light. The Greek philosopher Plato has explored this connection in his Allegory of the cave where light represents human desire to explore, to learn, to seek higher levels of reality.

My bronze cast sculpture, Anamnesis, invites the viewer to be brave and explore the roots. I hope it serves as an inspiration to create beautiful and brights things.

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DSC Eglei

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